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President, Rev. Marilyn Miller

Vice President, Terry Wright

Treasurer, Paula Obeid

Secretary, Theresa Stafford

Lamar Irwin, RScP


Lamar Irwin, RScP, IT Team Leader

Terry Wright, Logistics & Safety Coordinator

Spiritual Director

Rev. Marilyn Miller creates services reflecting energies of the seasons from many spiritual traditions. She teaches Science of Mind principles to help people use their creative abilities and personal genius.


She is a Living Purpose Coach, Career Counselor& author of  “America’s Holidays & Heroes” and co-author of the “Cinenera Connection” for Latina teens.


A Religious Science Minister for 26 years, she graduated from UCLA, Institute for Training Leaders, Ernest Holmes School of Ministry, & Financial Freedom Institute.  She was a research associate of Valerie Hunt’s Bioenergy Field Foundation in Malibu for 30 years.

Minister Emeritis

Rev. Will Castagna, Minister Emertis, has served the Center for Spiritual Living. Ojai as a spiritual leader since 1998.  He has been an Administrator, Youth Church Teacher, Board President and esteemed advisor.


He is the owner of the successful Inspiration Associates, a consulting company helping companies start up or achieve new growth. He is the father of Liam and Gabriella Castagna who were born into our community.

Religious Science Practitioner

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo, Religious Science Practitioner leads Wise Women Councils monthly. She is a Holistic Health Coach who helps women achieve optimum wellness. She’s an expert in the field of cultural and women’s studies, a graduate of UCLA.


She is a professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies. She is an international speaker and author of “Menopause Mavens”& “Recover Your Juiciness; for an Empowered Midlife.”

Jack Lee-.jpg
Music Director

Jack began his career in Nashville at the age of 18 and has been performing ever since.  He is a composer/arranger, singer & keyboard artist who plays guitar and many other instruments.


He has performed with Lynn Andrews, Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay as well as Kenny Loggins and other Hollywood celebrities.


Jack has twenty years experience as a sacred artist and has performed and numerous CSL conventions and events.  

Lamar headshot prefer.jpg
Lamar Irwin
Religious Science Practitioner Emeritus

Lamar is an electrical engineer who worked some globally and in the US.

Then he found his passion business: Inner Empowerment Coach & Catalyst for Growth. 


He has trained thousands in Mind Mastery using brain neural programming skills. He is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, and offers Personal Energy Alignment Clearing and Expansion. Lamar offers other skills for people to live the life they desire and to be who they are born to be.

Mentor & Technical Director

Sunday Service Technical Director

She conducts internet private and group coaching 
programs for women and retreats worldwide.

She is also a Science of Mind Practitioner 
available for private healing 
sessions. Reach her at 

Roslyn Scheuerman, a New Thought leader for 40 years serves as Prayer Team Facilitator for CSL Ojai & Ojai's Interfaith Council.  Also she is CFF of the Unity & Diversity Council. You can send a prayer requet to her. The prayer team will pray with you.

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